MMWA 10/7/17

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Rahne Victoria pinned Savanna Stone with a sitout spinebuster – 6:01

MMWA Championship: Moondog Rover (c) pinned B.T. Daramola with a falling powerslam – 9:35

Brian James pinned The Big Texan with a small package – 7:13

Jimmy D pinned Aaron Clay with a slingshot suplex – 7:36

Hollis Giroux def. Purple Phoenix by armlock submission – 7:50

Khayman def. Damion Cortess by disqualification; Cortess hit a low blow – 4:57

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship: Da’Marius Jones def. Deacon Cash (c) by disqualification; Cash laid hands on referee Nick Ridenour – 6:14

(reverse order)

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