SICW 10/1/16

Swansea Village Fire Department @ Swansea, Ill.

Ken Kasa def. Waco by half nelson choke submission – 8:05

Dave Vaughn & Curtis Wylde def. Sean Vincent & Jim Hoffarth; Vaughn pinned Vincent with a double underhook DDT – 12:04

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers (c) def. Attila Khan by disqualification; Espinosa and Hawkins attacked Powers – 6:10

Ace Hawkins def. Gary Jackson by disqualification; Jackson shoved the referee – 5:33

Ace Hawkins pinned Jimmy D with a somersault cutter – 4:39

Brandon Espinosa pinned J’Mal Swagg with a double underhook brainbuster – 8:42

Bobby D pinned Daniel Gunner with a sunset flip – 7:01

Moondog Rover pinned Flaming Freddie Fury with a falling powerslam – 7:34

(reverse order)

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