SICW 11/23/19

Little Devils Football Club @ Belleville, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Bobby D def. Curtis Wylde (c) by disqualification; Kowalski blatantly interfered on Wylde’s behalf – 10:53

Flash Flanagan & Billy McNeil def. Ken Kasa & Christopher Hargas by disqualification; Travis Cook threw powder in Flanagan’s eyes – 11:02

Ricky Cruz pinned Kowalski with a superkick – 9:55

Damian Blade pinned Gary Jackson after hitting him with a loaded glove – 9:21

SICW Tag Team Championship: Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby (c) def. Frankie D & Chris Kade; Santel pinned Kade with a schoolboy with illegal leverage – 10:25

Ax Allwardt pinned The Big Texan with a crucifix – 7:19

Sean Vincent def. Jake Prater by figure-four leglock submission – 6:26

(reverse order)

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