Dynamo Pro Championship

Dynamo Pro Championship belt

After Dynamo Pro Wrestling left the National Wrestling Alliance, it no longer wished to use the Missouri Heavyweight Championship.  That lineage was shelved and reigning champ Makaze became the first Dynamo Pro Champion.


Makaze Glen Carbon, Ill. 10/5/12 awarded
K.C. Karrington Glen Carbon, Ill. 10/5/12
Dan Walsh Glen Carbon, Ill. 12/1/12 street fight
Jake Dirden Pittsfield, Ill. 10/22/13
Ricky Cruz Glen Carbon, Ill. 5/10/14
Mike Outlaw Fenton, Mo. 12/6/14
Jake Dirden Fenton, Mo. 5/2/15
Ricky Cruz Fenton, Mo. 10/3/15 Emergency substitute referee: Mike Outlaw
Jake Dirden Fenton, Mo. 2/6/16 four-way w/ Outlaw and Brandon Espinosa
Mike Outlaw Wood River, Ill. 8/20/16
Brandon Aarons Saint Louis, Mo. 11/26/16
Makaze Saint Louis, Mo. 10/28/17
Adrian Surge Saint Louis, Mo. 9/21/18 Canadian lumberjack match
VACANT Saint Louis, Mo. 11/18/18 stripped; Surge injured
C.J. Shine De Soto, Mo. 11/24/18 def. Cruz and Keon Option in a three-way
Makaze De Soto, Mo. 11/24/18 impromptu match

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