SICW 10/20/18

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Steve Fender pinned Flash Flanagan (c) with unseen illegal leverage to win the title; Hargas hit Flash with his own kendo stick (Flash would have gotten Travis Cook in the ring if he had won) – 11:51

Ken Kasa & Sean Vincent def. Kowalski & Attila Khan; Kasa body slammed Khan and covered, then moved as Kowalski splashed his partner by mistake, Kasa pinned Khan for the win – 11:37

Christopher Hargas pinned Ricky Cruz after hitting him with unseen brass knuckles – 8:36

Bobby D pinned Jake Prater by falling on top of a belly-to-back superplex attempt – 6:57

Curtis Wylde, Shawn Santel, & Mauler McDarby def. Gary Jackson, Moondog Rover, & Keith Smith; Wylde pinned Smith after Wyldefyre hit Smith with the Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal trophy – 13:36

Billy McNeil pinned Brady Shadeux with a diving elbow drop – 12:26

The Big Texan & Waco def. P.T. Beckham & W.A.R.; Waco pinned Beckham with a running headbutt – 7:44

(reverse order)

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