SICW 7/10/22

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Bobby D, Gary Jackson, & Billy McNeil def. King Christopher Hargas, Ax Allwardt, & Roger Matheus; Bobby D pinned Ax with a three-quarter-nelson cradle – 11:14

Kowalski & Mauler McDarby def. Jimmy Razor & Justin Poole; Kowalski pinned Poole with a big splash with McDarby riding piggyback – 1:42

Attila Khan & Sheik Prater def. The Big Texan & Payton Ayers; Khan pinned Ayers after hitting him in the throat with his fork behind the referee’s back – 12:35

Sean Vincent pinned David Lee Walker after a kick to the midsection with his loaded boot while the referee was down – 4:43

Austin Mulitalo pinned The Intruder with a somersault cravat neckbreaker – 2:28

Kowalski & Mauler McDarby def. Bobby D & The Big Texan to advance to the tag team tournament final; McDarby pinned Bobby D after hitting him with Lucky’s briefcase behind the referee’s back – 9:23

Flash Flanagan pinned The Shogun after hitting him with the kendo stick as the referee was arguing with Steven E – 0:57

Sean Vincent & The Intern def. Austin Mulitalo & Jimmy Razor; Vincent pinned Mulitalo after kicking him in the midsection with his loaded boot – 6:00

Curtis Wylde def. The Intruder by cobra stretch submission – 1:53

Jake Prater pinned Gary Gram with a running crossbody – 5:21

MSW Southern Heavyweight Championship: Attila Khan pinned Jason Jones (c) after stabbing Jones in the throat with his fork behind the referee’s back to win the title – 4:58

Gary Jackson & Billy McNeil def. Ax Allwardt & Roger Matheus to advance to the tag team tournament final; McNeil pinned Ax with a victory roll – 11:43

David Lee Walker pinned The Intern with a leg drop bulldog – 2:28

Curtis Wylde pinned Mauler McDarby with a spinning uranagi – 6:37

SICW Central States Championship: Bobby D (c) pinned King Christopher Hargas with a small package – 10:02

Jason Jones pinned Shogun with a bulldog – 2:47

Sheik Prater pinned Waco with a running crossbody – 2:24

Gary Gram pinned Richard Shaw with a diving crossbody – 1:23

(reverse order)

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