Crown of Glory Championship

Crown of Glory Championship

Glory Pro Wrestling’s top prize is the Crown of Glory Championship. Jason Kincaid was crowned inaugural champ after last defeating Paco in a four-way elimination tournament final on February 19, 2017.

The one-night tournament at the first Glory Pro card saw Kobe Durst, Danny Adams, Curt Stallion, and Everett Connors knocked out during the first round.

Jason KincaidAlton, Ill.2/19/17def. Paco, Ethan Page, and Shigehiro Irie in a 4-way elimination tournament final
Myron ReedAlton, Ill.5/7/17
Jake SomethingAlton, Ill.10/15/17
Curt StallionCollinsville, Ill.7/22/18
Eddie KingstonCollinsville, Ill.6/2/19
VACANTCollinsville, Ill.9/22/19Kingston unable to make second straight defense
AJ GrayCollinsville, Ill.9/22/19def. Paco and Stallion in 3-way
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.5/22/21stripped for injury; cannot make title defense
Jake SomethingSaint Louis, Mo.5/22/21def. Rohit Raju and Myron Reed in three-way
Mike OutlawSaint Louis, Mo.8/22/21Dog Collar match; beats Gray 2/6/22; also unifies Midwest Territory title 7/24/22
Camaro JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.9/25/22
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