NWL STL 3/26/17

Casa Loma Ballroom @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Todd Letterman pinned Mathew Grundy with a half nelson driver to advance to the St. Louis Championship final (the semifinal Maverick vs. Cornell Douglass is postponed to April 9) – 20:26

Jack Foster pinned Jet Royal with a big boot; Kansas City leads St. Louis 4-3 in the I-70 Series – 2:36

Christian Adonis pinned Javy Torres with a schoolboy – 6:21

Buddy Shepherd def. Castle by disqualification; Cornell Douglass attacked Shepherd with his cane – 7:30

Kyle O’Reilly def. Davey Gibson by cross armbar submission – 23:56

Skyler Beckett pinned Adam Ryan with a schoolboy – 8:26

Marcellus Gaines pinned Jay Lutz with a hook – 0:59

Tommy Flagg & August Marshall def. Dez Wellston & Neon Iverson; Flagg pinned Wellston with a backslide – 6:04

(reverse order)

Alternate ring names used by the wrestlers on this card

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