SICW 11/5/16

Swansea Village Fire Department @ Swansea, Ill.

Ron Powers & Gary Jackson def. Brandon Espinosa & Attila Khan 2-1 in a best-of-three steel cage match; Khan pinned Jackson after a fork to the throat, Jackson pinned Khan after a fork to the throat, Powers pinned Khan with an elbow drop – 8:30

Ken Kasa pinned Curtis Wylde in a lumberjack match with a running dropkick; Swansea firefighters surrounded the ring – 10:37

Sean Vincent pinned Dave Vaughn with a Death Valley driver – 11:01

Ace Hawkins pinned Daniel Gunner with feet on the ropes – 9:30

Purple Passion pinned Flaming Freddie Fury with a leg drop bulldog – 5:51

Curt Gannon def. Jim Hoffarth by headscissors armbar submission – 7:02

Waco pinned Moondog Rover with a schoolboy – 6:57

(reverse order)

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