MMWA 2/11/17

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship: Deacon Cash def. Varik Morgan by knockout in a Last Man Standing match to win the vacant title; Morgan couldn’t answer the count after a steel chair assault – 17:56

Jayson Khaos pinned Jimmy D with a lariat – 3:55

Brian James & Leone Mephisto def. Gary Jackson & The Big Texan; James pinned Jackson with a sitout reverse suplex slam – 13:58

Brandon Espinosa pinned Moondog Rover with a sunset flip to earn 3 points in the Championship Series; Espinosa has 3 points total, Rover has 0 points total – 12:38

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Ace Hawkins pinned Barackus (c) with a forward somersault cutter to win the title and to earn 3 points in the Championship Series; Hawkins has 5 points total, Barackus has 3 points total – 7:26

Damion Cortess pinned Flaming Freddie Fury with an Olympic slam – 2:57

Garrett Shanks & Frodo Meyer def. A.J. Williams & B.T. Daramola in an impromptu match; Shanks pinned Daramola with a spinning headlock elbow drop – 6:56

Garrett Shanks def. A.J. Williams by disqualification; B.T. Daramola attacked Shanks – 1:12

Da’Marius Jones pinned J’Mal Swagg with a leaping reverse STO to earn 3 points in the Championship Series; Jones has 3 points total, Swagg has 2 points total – 5:49

(reverse order)

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