Glory Pro 4/30/23

The Pageant @ Saint Louis, Mo. (Attendance: 279)

Crown of Glory Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) def. Kenny Alfonso and Mike Outlaw in a three-way; Outlaw is pinned with a lariat – 19:47

Rohit Raju & Karam def. Dak Draper & Xavier Walker; Raju pinned Walker from a spinebuster from Karam – 9:56

Shazza McKenzie pinned Laynie Luck in a street fight with a cutter onto set-up chairs – 12:22

United Glory Tag Team Championship: Philly C & Marino T (c) d. Effy & Allie Katch; Marino pinned Allie after he and Philly hit a flapjack/reverse STO combo – 11:53

Warhorse def. Kody Lane by sharpshooter submission in a “Powerhouse Showdown;” the winner would receive a 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD from Jim Butler Chevrolet (Special Enforcer: Powerhouse from Jim Butler Chevrolet) – 15:52

Johnny Glory (also known as John Morrison) pinned Rahim De La Suede with a split-legged corkscrew moonsault – 10:21

Davey Vega def. Moses, Ethan Price, and Dan the Dad in a four-way with tags where two men are legal at a time; Vega pinned Dan from a swinging side slam from an interfering Jake Something – 9:30

Tootie Lynn def. Heather Reckless in a 2-out-of-3 falls match; Reckless was disqualified for hitting Tootie in the leg with a chair; Tootie pinned Reckless with a running knee strike – 8:45

Max The Impaler pinned Sandra Moone with a lariat – 7:36

Jake Something pinned Shigehiro Irie with a spinning side slam – 11:40

Benjamin Trust, Edvin, & Ezio Orlandi def. ATM, Marcus Muncherson, & Chris Hendrix; Edvin pinned Hendrix with a cutter – 8:07

(reverse order)

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