SICW 10/21/17

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Flash Flanagan & “Big Country” Clint Poe vs. Ax Allwardt & Troll was a no contest; Ax brought his chain into the match and Flash retaliated with his kendo stick – 10:53

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ken Kasa pinned Chris Hargas (c) with a front dropkick off the second rope to win the title; initially a disqualification victory for Kasa due to interference from Travis Cook, Herb Simmons ordered the match to continue and ejected Travis from ringside – 25:23

Gary Jackson def. Cowboy Marc Houston by disqualification; Houston hit Jackson with a cowbell – 8:18

Kahagas def. Sean Vincent by guillotine choke submission – 10:34

Chief Attakullakulla vs. Beast was a countout draw – 5:03

Dave Vaughn vs. Bobby D was a knockout draw; neither man could answer the ten-count after hitting cross-bodyblocks at the same time – 9:08

Moondog Rover & Keith Smith Jr. def. The Big Texan & Flaming Freddie Fury; Rover pinned Fury with a falling powerslam – 10:40

(reverse order)

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