SICW Classic Wrestling Championship

As 2011 rang in, Herb Simmons and Larry Matysik restructured SICW.  No longer would they recognize the numerous titles in the MMWA-SICW alliance.

Until his death in 2018, Matysik insisted that the title be called “Classic Wrestling Championship” without the promotional prefix. Afterwards, the prefix was added. It is the highest honor in SICW.

Danny Boy HawkinsEast Carondelet, Ill.1/22/11def. Brandon Espinosa in tournament final
Ron PowersEast Carondelet, Ill.3/26/11
Ricky CruzEast Carondelet, Ill.5/19/12
Ken KasaEast Carondelet, Ill.6/15/13impromptu challenge match
Heath HattonEast Carondelet, Ill.7/26/14
Flash FlanaganEast Carondelet, Ill.11/15/14
Gary JacksonEast Carondelet, Ill.2/21/15
Flash FlanaganEast Carondelet, Ill.4/26/15
KahagasEast Carondelet, Ill.12/12/153-way cage match w/Powers
Flash FlanaganEast Carondelet, Ill.1/16/16
VACANTEast Carondelet, Ill.4/15/16Flanagan relinquishes due to injury
Ron PowersEast Carondelet, Ill.4/15/16def. Kahagas in tournament final
VACANTEast Carondelet, Ill.1/21/17Powers retires
Chris HargasEast Carondelet, Ill.5/20/17def. Flash Flanagan in 2/3 falls tournament final
Ken KasaEast Carondelet, Ill.10/21/17
Marc HoustonEast Carondelet, Ill.3/24/18
Flash FlanaganEast Carondelet, Ill.5/19/18steel cage match
Steve FenderEast Carondelet, Ill.10/20/18
Ricky CruzEast Carondelet, Ill.5/25/19also holds MMWA title
Curtis WyldeEast Carondelet, Ill.9/21/19
Ricky CruzEast Carondelet, Ill.12/28/19no-countout, no DQ; Cruz’s future shots vs. Wylde’s hair
VACANTEast Carondelet, Ill.7/21/21stripped due to schedule conflicts
Attila KhanEast Carondelet, Ill.8/21/21def. Flash Flanagan in tournament final as masked War Machine; unmasked 10/9/21
Flash FlanaganEast Carondelet, Ill.5/14/22def. Khan & Travis Cook in handicap elimination match; Flanagan’s and Cook’s careers were on the line
Attila KhanEast Carondelet, Ill.7/9/22
The Big TexanSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/23Texas Death match


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