Dynamo Pro 9/6/15

Four Hands Brewing Co @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Jake Dirden (c) pinned Davey Richards with a chokeslam – 5:30

Mike Outlaw pinned Mauler McDarby with a running kick to the head – 6:20

Ricky Cruz pinned Kevin Lee Davidson with a diving elbow drop – 5:10

Mike Sydal pinned Outtkast with a moonsault – 5:08

Justin D’Air pinned Shawn Santel with a 450° splash – 4:06

The Snitch pinned Rocket Mapache with feet on the ropes – 4:55

Keon Option pinned Ozzie Gallagher with a scissors kick – 6:04

Bahamut vs. Ric Maverick was a no contest when Dirden attacked both men – 1:29

(reverse order)

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