Anarchy 7/29/22

Spaulding Club @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Derek Neal pinned Gary Jay (c) with a fisherman buster to win the title

Christian Rose def. Greg Jovi by Boston crab submission in a No Disqualification match

Mat Fitchett pinned Anthony Henry with a schoolboy

Thomas Shire pinned Mad Dog Connolly with a powerbomb

Evan Gelistico, Nick King & Adrian Surge def. Sage Philips, Rahim De La Suede, & Billy McNeil; Gelistico pinned Philips with a scoop brainbuster

Davey Vega def. Aaron Williams in a best-of-three-falls match; Williams pinned, Vega pinned, and Vega by ankle lock submission

Jeremy Wyatt def. Victor Analog by Koji clutch submission

Warhorse def. Moonshine Mantell by sharpshooter submission

Camaro Jackson pinned Anakin Murphy with a lariat

Davey Richards pinned Kenny Alfonso with a clutch piledriver

Jaques Kennedy pinned Joe Demaro with a fisherman suplex

(reverse order)

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