Dynamo Pro 10/28/17

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Makaze pinned Brandon Aarons (c) after throwing an unseen fireball into Aarons’s eyes to win the title – 14:35

Justin D’Air pinned Xavier Shadowz with a 450º splash – 7:38

Jaden Roller def. Adrian Surge by leg slicer submission – 9:51

Rahne Victoria pinned Savanna Stone with a sitout spinebuster – 7:06

The Snitch & Tony Esteem def. Brandon Espinosa & Jackal; Snitch pinned Jackal with a low blow and schoolboy – 11:58

Viktor von Stein pinned Keon Option with a running leg drop – 6:55

C.J. Shine def. Graham Bell, Aaron Dzinic, and Thomas Munos in a four-way match; Munos is pinned with a missile dropkick – 9:54

(reverse order)

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