Ladies Championship (Defunct)

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Big Mama LoveSep-00
AphroditeSaint Louis, Mo.9/9/00
Tara the Irish TerrorSaint Louis, Mo.4/21/01
LaceySaint Louis, Mo.1/19/02
Tara the Irish TerrorSaint Louis, Mo.9/14/02no time limit, no disqualification
Xtreme Kim ChiSaint Louis, Mo.2/12/05 
Christie SummersSaint Louis, Mo.2/4/06 
Jennifer StarrSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/06no disqualification
Christie SummersSaint Louis, Mo.8/12/06no disqualification
Jennifer StarrSaint Louis, Mo.11/4/06 
Christie SummersSaint Louis, Mo.2/24/07 
Jennifer StarrEast Carondelet, Ill.4/21/07 
VACANT  retired
Alexis LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.4/12/08def. Stacey O’Brien
Stacey O’BrienSaint Louis, Mo.5/10/08 
Alexis LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.8/9/08 
Destiny DiamondSaint Louis, Mo.7/11/09 
Alexis LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.11/14/09 

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, David Creahin

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