SICW 1/15/23

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Steve Fender pinned Billy McNeil with a small package

Sheik Prater pinned Glenn Williams with a thumb to the throat

Jayson Breed def. Rick Ruby by Fujiwara armbar submission

David Lee Walker pinned Waco with a leg drop bulldog

SICW Tag Team Championship: The Big Texan & Gary Jackson (c) def. Rick Ruby & Steve Fender; Texan pinned Ruby with a lariat

Joe Vinetti & Brandon Barretta def. Larry Cooter & The Intern; Vinetti pinned Cooter with a diving splash

Austin Mulitalo pinned Shawn Douglas with a missile dropkick

Sheik Prater pinned David Lee Walker with a thumb to the throat

SICW Central States Championship: Bobby D (c) vs. Andrew Anderson was an unclear result; Flash Flanagan ran in to stop Anderson from using a weapon, the bout was stopped, but no decision was announced

Big Joe Helms pinned Cannonball Matthews with a powerslam

Billy McNeil pinned Larry Cooter with a diving elbow drop

Payton Ayers pinned David Lee Walker with a chokeslam

Gary Valiant pinned Glenn Williams with a stunner

Big Joe Helms def. Jayson Breed by triangle choke submission

Andrew Anderson def. Jayson Breed by knockout; Breed had passed out in a full nelson, but the bout was stopped after the release

Austin Mulitalo pinned Waco with a dropkick

Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti def. Richard Shaw & Boomerang; Barretta pinned Shaw with a spinebuster

(reverse order)

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