SICW 1/15/23

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Steve Fender pinned Billy McNeil with a small package

Sheik Prater pinned Glenn Williams with a thumb to the throat

Jayson Breed def. Rick Ruby by Fujiwara armbar submission

David Lee Walker pinned Waco with a leg drop bulldog

SICW Tag Team Championship: The Big Texan & Gary Jackson (c) def. Rick Ruby & Steve Fender; Texan pinned Ruby with a lariat

Joe Vinetti & Brandon Barretta def. Larry Cooter & The Intern; Vinetti pinned Cooter with a diving splash

Austin Mulitalo pinned Shawn Douglas with a missile dropkick

Sheik Prater pinned David Lee Walker with a thumb to the throat

SICW Central States Championship: Bobby D (c) def. Andrew Anderson by disqualification; Anderson hit Bobby with a weapon

Big Joe Helms pinned Cannonball Matthews with a powerslam

Billy McNeil pinned Larry Cooter with a diving elbow drop

Payton Ayers pinned David Lee Walker with a chokeslam

Gary Valiant pinned Glenn Williams with a stunner

Big Joe Helms def. Jayson Breed by triangle choke submission

Andrew Anderson def. Cannonball Matthews by knockout; Matthews had passed out in a full nelson, but the bout was stopped after the release

Austin Mulitalo pinned Waco with a dropkick

Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti def. Richard Shaw & Boomerang; Barretta pinned Shaw with a spinebuster

(reverse order)

NOTE: Results from these web show tapings will not be published for September, October, November, and December 2022. This will be the final entry for SICW’s Sunday tapings for this site. This series is too difficult to keep track of, there is a publication moratorium for results, and they are minor in significance.

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