Dynamo Pro 7/15/22

Fraternal Order of Eagles @ Arnold, Mo.

Ricky Cruz & Damian Blade def. Blake Steel & Jeff O’Connor; Cruz pinned O’Connor with a diving elbow drop – 12:27

Dynamo Pro D-1 & IWA Productions Light Heavyweight Championships: C.J. Shine (cDP) vs. Ace Hawkins (cLH) was a time limit draw (Shine is not a light heavyweight; unclear how the latter title was at stake) – 20:00

Tommy Davis pinned Adrian Surge with a victory roll (originally a Surge pinfall win in 16:02, C.J. Shine petitioned for a restart after exposing that Surge had used hidden brass knuckles, restart granted) – 0:10

The Snitch pinned L-Ride with a sitout DDT – 6:08

Chris Exodus & Madi Exodus def. Dion & Ashlyn Alexander; Chris pinned Dion with a springboard roundhouse kick – 7:01

Garrett Shanks def. Ricky Rodriguez, Jackal, and DK Coltello in a four-way elimination; Shanks pinned Coltello, Rodriguez pinned Jackal, and Shanks pinned Rodriguez with a leg drop bulldog – 6:32

(reverse order)

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