WLW 3/16/19

Triad High School @ Troy, Ill.

Da’Marius Jones def. Race, Cravens, Espinosa, Roberts, Rex, Jackson, and Alfonso in a battle royal; Espinosa is last eliminated – 9:35

Da’Marius Jones & Leland Race def. Austin Cravens & Brandon Espinosa in an impromptu tag match; Jones pinned Cravens with a leaping reverse STO – 17:46

Brandon Espinosa vs. Leland Race was a time limit draw – 15:00

Kyle Roberts & Rex def. Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso; Roberts pinned Jackson with a frog splash – 11:57

Austin Cravens pinned Da’Marius Jones with illegal rope leverage – 8:29

(reverse order)

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