SICW 2/11/23

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center @ Belleville, Ill.

SICW Classic Wrestling Championship: Attila Khan (c) def. The Big Texan by disqualification; Texan got caught using Khan’s own fork – 8:08

Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti def. The Intern & Sean Vincent; Barretta pinned Intern – 7:43

Flash Flanagan pinned Ax Allwardt with a diving crossbody; Allwardt had substituted for Kowalski – 5:07

SICW Central States Championship: Bobby D (c) vs. Sheik Prater was a countout draw – 6:07

Kyle Hawk pinned Ax Allwardt with a victory roll – 5:24

SICW Tag Team Championship: Bradley Diggs & Lamonte Potts def. Gary Jackson & The Big Texan (c) to win the title in an impromptu challenge; Diggs pinned Jackson from Potts hitting Jackson with a title belt – 3:15

Gary Jackson def. Payton Ayers by cloverleaf submission – 5:55

Lamonte Potts & Bradley Diggs def. Austin Mulitalo & Jayson Breed; Potts pinned Mulitalo after hitting him unseen with a chain – 2:20

Billy McNeil pinned Steve Fender with a bridging schoolboy – 8:20

(reverse order)

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