Dynamo Pro 7/22/16

Gateway Center @ Collinsville, Ill.

Mike Outlaw pinned Delirious with a diving elbow drop – 15:27

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jon Webb & Jack Gamble (c) def. Keon Option & Big Jay Knight; Webb pinned Knight with a moonsault – 10:18

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Outtkast (c) pinned Jesus Bryce with a fireman’s carry bulldog – 8:44

Ricky Cruz def. Mojo McQueen by disqualification; McQueen shoved the referee – 7:30

Brandon Espinosa pinned Mason Conrad with a brainbuster – 8:30

Ric Maverick def. Ozzie Gallagher by cobra clutch submission – 5:48

Makaze pinned Karim Brigante with an exploder suplex – 6:05

Jayson Khaos & Billy McNeil def. Rocket Mapache & Jackal; Khaos pinned Rocket with a Death Valley driver – 12:32

(reverse order)

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