NWL 11/5/17

O’Fallon Elks Lodge @ O’Fallon, Mo.

NWL St. Louis Championship: Gary Jay pinned Maverick (c) with a leg drop bulldog in a No Holds Barred match to win the title – 17:08

Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett def. Jeremy Wyatt & Ace Steel; Fitchett pinned Wyatt after a brainbuster to knee/running knee strike combo – 16:07

Marti Belle pinned Savanna Stone with a double underhook facebuster – 8:27

Mike Outlaw def. Jet Royal, Rasheed Ali, Javy Torres, and Skyler Beckett in a five-way match; Torres is pinned with a diving elbow – 5:58

NWL Kansas City Championship: Dak Draper (c) pinned Jack Foster with a crucifix – 14:10

Anthony Gutierrez pinned Christian Rose with a spinning heel kick – 7:15

Leo Howlett pinned Thor Theriot with a side slam – 9:02

(reverse order)

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