SICW 11/19/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers (c) def. Brandon Espinosa by disqualification; Vic attacked Powers – 5:05

Vic the Bruiser def. Gary Jackson by disqualification; Ron Powers attacked Vic – 11:59

Daniel Gunner & Ken Kasa def. Waco & Steve Fender; Gunner pinned Waco with a neckbreaker – 7:38

Chris Hargas pinned Marc Houston with a schoolboy – 8:48

Johnny Blade pinned Sean Vincent with fireman’s carry facebuster – 7:09

Jim Hoffarth pinned The Iceman with a running splash – 3:32

Curtis Wylde pinned Moondog Rover with a reverse STO – 8:30

Dave Vaughn pinned Jimmy D with a double underhook DDT – 6:53

(reverse order)

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