Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship

Dynamo Pro is one of the few Saint Louis promotions that have the roster depth to have a tag team title.  In 2014, Dynamo Pro’s Executive Director Mark Bland made a goal to have regular tag title defenses.

After an initial reign where title matches were scarce, Dynamo Pro is now committed to tag teams.


Shorty Biggs & Outtkast Glen Carbon, Ill. 4/6/12 def. Billy McNeil & Jamie Lyte in tournament final
Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean Fenton, Mo. 2/1/14 also hold WLW tag title
Shorty Biggs & Outtkast Fenton, Mo. 4/5/14
VACANT Glen Carbon, Ill. 5/10/14 held up after double pin between the above 2 teams
Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean Saint Louis, Mo. 5/27/14 def. Biggs & Outtkast 2-1 in a best-of-3 match
Ricky Cruz & Brandon Espinosa Fenton, Mo. 8/2/14 4-way elimination w/Outtkast & Biggs, Jackal & Rocket Mapache
Jake Dirden & Jackal Fenton, Mo. 10/4/14
Michael Magnuson, Dave DeLorean, & Jayden Fenix Fenton, Mo. 2/7/15 won in a handicap match
Jon Webb & Jack Gamble Fenton, Mo. 10/3/15 def. Magnuson & DeLorean in No Holds Barred match
Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby Fenton, Mo. 4/2/16
Jon Webb & Jack Gamble Fenton, Mo. 5/7/16
Keon Option & Justin D’Air Glen Carbon, Ill. 10/15/16
Viktor von Stein & Xavier Shadowz Saint Louis, Mo. 10/29/17
Jackal & Ricky Rodriguez Saint Louis, Mo. 11/18/18 three-way with Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur
Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur Saint Louis, Mo. 12/15/18 three-way with von Stein & Shadowz

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