Dynamo Pro 11/26/22

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: The Snitch pinned Benjamin Trust (c) with a small package with illegal leverage to win the title – 15:38

Makaze, Tommy Davis, & Madi Monarch def. Jackal, Tony Esteem, & Ashlyn Alexander in an intergender match; Monarch pinned Alexander from a wheelbarrow press assist from Makaze

L-Ride pinned Adrian Surge with a schoolboy after Surge accidentally collided with Vik on the apron

Jack Gamble pinned Ricky Rodriguez after hitting him with an unseen object

Geoffrey Hyde pinned Kaleekio Vizeon with a double underhook facebuster

Big Vik def. DK Coltello & I.P. Mason in a handicap tag match; Mason is pinned with a chokeslam

Garrett Shanks pinned Big Daddy Dion with a reverse STO

(reverse order)

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