SICW 10/1/22

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center @ Belleville, Ill.

Haku & The Barbarian def. Attila Khan & Sheik Prater in a cage match; Haku got the fall over Khan by Tongan death grip submission – 13:21

Sean Vincent pinned Brandon Barretta after kicking him with a tampered boot – 7:21

SICW Tag Team Championship: Gary Jackson & The Big Texan def. Kowalski & Mauler McDarby (c) to win the title; Jackson got the fall over McDarby by Texas cloverleaf submission – 9:15

Steve Fender pinned Sweet Papi Pachuco with a small package – 13:31

SICW Central States Championship: Bobby D (c) pinned Big Joe Helms with a fisherman suplex – 9:08

The Intern def. Rick Ruby by countout; the two brawled on the floor and Intern beat the count back into the ring – 7:18

Jayson Breed pinned Waco with a diving moonsault – 6:32

PT Beckham pinned Billy McNeil by blocking a re-entry sunset flip and holding the ropes – 10:47

(reverse order)

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