WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship

The Junior Heavyweight Championship is exclusively for wrestlers 205 lbs. and under.

WLW created its first weight-exclusive title by hosting an eight-man tournament that spanned six months.  The original final was a no contest in May 2016. The weight limit was 220 lbs. until August 2020.

Jon WebbSt. Peters, Mo.8/27/16def. Jayden Dominic Rose in a No Holds Barred tournament final
Jayden Dominic RoseTroy, Mo.2/3/18impromptu match; Race Invitational trophy redemption
Da’Marius JonesMoscow Mills, Mo.3/9/19
Sean PatrickTroy, Mo.12/14/19Weight limit quietly changed to 205 from 220 on 8/29/20
Jayden Dominic RoseTroy, Mo.3/27/21
Rahim De La SuedeTroy, Mo.6/5/21three-way with Sean Patrick
Matt SydalFort Leonard Wood, Mo.2/25/23
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