Glory Pro 12/18/22

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo. (Attendance: 379)

Crown of Glory Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned Kody Lane with a lariat – 17:46

Mike Outlaw & Rahim De La Suede def. Moses & Tootie Lynn in a tornado street fight.  Rahim pinned Moses with a running single knee – 19:17

Rohit Raju, Xavier Walker, & Heather Reckless def. Mark Wheeler, Jessie V, & Taylor Rising; Walker pinned Wheeler with a knockout punch – 14:32

Allie Katch pinned Trish Adora with a piledriver – 12:23

The Rizzuto Show Championship: Dan the Dad (w/ John Patrico) def. Warhorse (c) (w/ Rizzuto), Laynie Luck (w/ King Scott), and Davey Vega (w/ Tony Patrico) in a four-way to win the title; Vega is pinned with a small package – 8:59

Jake Something pinned Jake Manning with a powerbomb – 12:43

Davey Richards pinned Nick Aldis with a jackknife hold – 15:05

Kenny Alfonso pinned Lucky Ali with a tilt-a-whirl shiranui – 9:30

Ethan Price pinned Shota with a cradle DDT – 5:33

Anakin Murphy pinned Blair Onyx with a fisherman buster – 4:08

(reverse order)

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