WLW 9/10/22

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Moses (c) vs. Steve Fender was a no contest; originally a pinfall win for Moses, decision was nulled due to Moses’s shoulders also being on the mat while he was sprawled on top of Fender – 18:31

Jon Webb pinned Rahim De La Suede with a sunset flip reversal pin – 11:23

Camaro Jackson pinned Leland Race with a lariat – 13:54

Derek Stone pinned Luke Anthony with a Michinoku driver II – 12:17

Brandon Espinosa & Kyle Roberts def. Austin Mulitalo & Billy Jarrell; Espinosa pinned Mulitalo with a double underhook DDT – 14:13

Rahim De La Suede def. Mason St. Goods by Boston crab with knee submission – 5:35

(reverse order)

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