WrestleMax STL 7/30/21

Elks Lodge (Affton) @ Saint Louis, Mo.

WrestleMax STL River City Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) pinned Rohit Raju with a schoolboy; originally a double pin draw (with original referee Sean O’Brien counting in favor of Outlaw, and backup ref Aaron Grider in favor of Raju) at 15:52, bout was restarted – 1:47

Davey Richards def. JDX by ankle lock submission – 17:45

Blair Onyx pinned Brooke Valentine with a DDT – 13:23

Camaro Jackson pinned Jah-C with a lariat – 7:56

Rahim De La Suede def. ATM and Edvin Kudic in a three-way elimination match; Kudic SUB ATM, then Kudic is pinned with a diving knee drop – 7:34

Jake Something pinned Barackus with a spinning side slam – 9:19

Calvin Tankman pinned Xavier Walker with a vertical suplex piledriver – 13:00

Josh Alexander def. Kevin Lee Davidson by ankle lock submission – 15:22

Moses def. Frodo The Ghost, Eli Rossi, Ryu Kendrick, and Sean Logan (formerly Sabotage) in a five-way; Frodo was pinned with a German suplex – 4:42

(reverse order)

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