SICW 4/15/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers pinned Kahagas with a cutter in the tournament final to win the vacant title – 6:05

Curtis Wylde def. Gary Jackson by disqualification; Jackson threw Wyldefyre at Wylde, thus using her “as a weapon” – 9:12

Ron Powers pinned Ax Allwardt after hitting him with a chain in a tournament semifinal – 5:07

Kahagas pinned Sean Vincent with a lariat in a tournament quarterfinal – 6:22

Ken Kasa vs. Chris Hargas was a countout draw in a tournament quarterfinal – 7:12

Jason Vaughn & Daniel Gunner def. Britton Tucker & Waco; Vaughn pinned Tucker with a small package (Earl Hebner was the referee) – 8:40

Ax Allwardt pinned Dave Vaughn after hitting him with a chain in a tournament quarterfinal – 5:54

Ron Powers pinned Jim Hoffarth with a German suplex in a tournament quarterfinal- 4:17

Attila Khan pinned Bobby D with an inverted DDT – 3:02

(reverse order)

Note: The tournament was the “Terry Funk Invitational.”  During intermission, Flash Flanagan relinquished his title due to two rotator cuff injuries.  It was decided that this top contender’s tournament would then be for the vacant title.

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