WLW 5/6/23

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo. (Attendance: 157)

Billy Jarrell def. Kyle Roberts, Austin Mulitalo, Jack Parker Jr., Luke Anthony, Tom Coffey, Leland Race, Brandon Espinosa, Steven O’Neal, Mason St. Goods, Moses, Devin O’Neal, and Geordi Randall (reverse elimination order) in a Royal Rumble “Door to Destiny Rumble” match to become heavyweight challenger – 30:38

Steve Fender pinned Luke Anthony with a brainbuster – 13:13

Moses pinned Mason St. Goods with a diving bulldog in a junior heavyweight eliminator (St. Goods had answered an open challenge to substitute for the absent Kenny Alfonso) – 13:09

Brandon Espinosa & Kyle Roberts def. Devin & Steven O’Neal; Espinosa pinned Devin with a schoolboy with illegal rope leverage – 12:34

Austin Mulitalo pinned Geordi Randall with a fisherman suplex – 3:59

(reverse order)

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