SICW 11/17/18

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Flash Flanagan & Ken Kasa def. Steve Fender & Christopher Hargas by disqualification; Hargas threw Kasa over the top rope – 17:04

Ricky Cruz def. The Big Texan by cross armbar submission – 8:57

Gil Rogers pinned Bobby D with a knee lift – 10:16

P.T. Beckham def. Kowalski by reversal disqualification; originally, Kowalski won with a corner slingshot splash, but he delivered three more after the bell and the referee reversed the decision – 5:59

Gary Jackson & Billy McNeil def. Curtis Wylde & Waco; McNeil pinned Waco with a diving elbow drop – 13:02

Jake Prater pinned Keith Smith with a roll-up – 6:30

Moondog Rover pinned Purple Passion with a falling powerslam – 5:22

(reverse order)

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