WLW 10/6/18

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Jon Webb (c) def. Jack Gamble and Austin Cravens in an impromptu three-way; Gamble is pinned with a running single leg high knee – 7:46

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Jack Gamble def. Jon Webb (c) by disqualification; Austin Cravens attacked Gamble, but not on behalf of Webb (angry at Cravens, Webb issued a challenge for a three-way) – 9:43

WLW Ladies Championship: Stacey O’Brien (c) def. Bra’Nae by countout; Bra’Nae couldn’t return to the ring after being shoved into the ring post – 10:01

Jaden Roller pinned Da’Marius Jones with a scissors kick – 6:18

WLW Tag Team Championship: Kyle Roberts & Rex def. Brandon Espinosa & Steve Fender (c) to win the title; Roberts pinned Espinosa with a frog splash – 16:04

(reverse order)

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