MMWA & SICW 11/22/14

Knights of Columbus @ Cahokia, Ill.

Keith Smith & Keith Smith Jr. def. Ricky Cruz & Attila Khan by disqualification; Khan broke up Keith Sr.’s figure-four leg lock – 11:52

Gary Jackson pinned Ken Kasa – 11:27

Mr. Bibbs def. Barackus by submission – 6:34

John Blackheart pinned Brandon Espinosa in an impromptu match – 3:15

Brandon Espinosa pinned Everett Connors – 18:12

Billy Diamond pinned Jeremy Lightfoot in a match where the winner would be reinstated in the MMWA – 8:54

Brian James pinned Evan Gelistico – 10:06

Big Jim Hoffarth & Moondog Rover def. Daniel Gunner & Bubba Troll; Hoffarth pinned Gunner – 11:11

(reverse order)


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