SICW 3/11/23

Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center @ Belleville, Ill.

SICW Tag Team Championship: Gary Jackson & The Big Texan def. Bradley Diggs & Lamont Potts (c) by disqualification; Kowalski interfered – 11:37

Kowalski def. Flash Flanagan by countout; Lucky P. Larson held onto Flash’s foot to prevent him from beating the count – 7:57

Jayson Breed pinned Sheik Prater with a schoolboy – 5:01

Steve Fender pinned Billy McNeil with a prawn hold with feet on the ropes – 12:32

Ax Allwardt pinned Shawn Douglas with a piledriver – 4:48

Curtis Wylde pinned Richard Shaw with a spinebuster – 2:19

Sean Vincent & Glenn Williams def. Brandon Barretta & Joe Vinetti; Vincent pinned Vinetti with a loaded kick to the midsection – 12:02

(reverse order)

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