Dynamo Pro 8/31/19

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Adrian Surge (c) pinned Mike Outlaw with a small package

Big Vik & Xavier Shadowz def. Rahim De La Suede & Moses; Vik pinned De La Suede with a Death Drop

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Ricky Cruz (c) def. C.J. Shine with a figure-four leglock

Ryan Ash pinned Ezra Zealous with an inverted double underhook facebuster

Dynamo Pro Women’s Championship: Rahne Victoria (c) pinned Camron Bra’Nae with a roundhouse kick

Outtkast pinned Khalil Akbar with a fireman’s carry bulldog

Jimmi LaFleur def. Geoffrey Hyde by disqualification; Hyde shoved the referee

Savanna Stone pinned James Brady with a side slam

Heart Throb Jaden pinned Camaro Jackson with a heel kick – 11:04

(reverse order)

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