MMWA Tag Team Championship

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Ron Brewer & Tim KiernsMay-85
Rob Phillips & Ed LewisSep-85
Gary Jackson & Stan HurleyOct-85
Rob Phillips & Ed SmithAug-86
Gary Jackson & John PhillipsMar-87
Tony Casta & Ed SmithJun-88
Freedom Rider & Ghetto GrubbsSep-88
Chaz Wesson & Chris GiacinFeb-89
Freedom Rider & Ghetto GrubbsJun-90
Chaz Wesson & Keith SmithSep-91
Rick Brewer & Jeff HawkinsMar-92
Keith Smith & Chris CodyOct-92
Rick Brewer & Jeff HawkinsDec-92
Freedom Rider & Ghetto GrubbsMay-93
Tom Sullivan & Johnny JettSep-95
Thunderbolt & LightningSaint Louis, Mo.11/18/95
Tom Sullivan & Johnny JettSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/95
Frankie D & ThunderboltSaint Louis, Mo.3/23/96
Frankie D & The GamblerSaint Louis, Mo.4/20/96Gambler replaced Thunderbolt in defense; recognized as permanent
Chaz Wesson & Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.2/15/97def. Giant Assassin & John Blackheart
John Blackheart & Billy Diamond1997
Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe1998
Chris Knight & Rick BrewerDec-99
Major Pain & Geno the ExterminatorSaint Louis, Mo.4/22/00
Chris Knight & Rick BrewerJul-00probably def. Pain & Exterminator in May or June
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSep-00
Chris Knight & Rick Brewer1/20/01
Major Pain & Geno the ExterminatorSaint Louis, Mo.2/17/01
Ace Strange & Billy DiamondSaint Louis, Mo.4/21/01no disqualification
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSaint Louis, Mo.2/16/02El Uno Loco substituted for Diamond
Mike Covington & Geno the ExterminatorSaint Louis, Mo.7/13/02no disqualification
John Blackheart & Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.4/12/03
Mike Covington & Geno the ExterminatorSaint Louis, Mo.9/6/03Brian Brunnell substituted for Blackheart
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSaint Louis, Mo.2/28/04
“Hell and Destruction”12/4/04
Shaft & Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.11/5/05def. Lumberjacks
Shaft & Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.10/7/06Shaft def. Blunt to choose new partner
Phil E. Blunt & Jerome CodySaint Louis, Mo.2/24/07
Mr. Bibbs & Dave VaughnSaint Louis, Mo.1/5/08
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSaint Louis, Mo.8/9/08Shaft subbed for Bibbs
The Big Texan & WacoEast Carondelet, Ill.10/24/09cage match
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSaint Louis, Mo.6/12/10
The Big Texan & Tony RazeSaint Louis, Mo.5/14/11
Lumberjacks Abe & GabeSaint Louis, Mo.10/29/11
LaMarcus Clinton & Chase KingSaint Louis, Mo.6/9/12
VACANT6/8/13King retires; Clinton has disappeared
Jackson Whitechapel & Sean OrleansSaint Louis, Mo.4/12/14def. Da’Marius Jones & Jake Dempsey
A.J. Williams & Da’Marius JonesSaint Louis, Mo.6/14/14
Andrew Wilder & Johnathon ZuluSaint Louis, Mo.11/8/143-way w/ Chase King & LaMarcus Clinton
Brandon Espinosa & Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.6/13/15
Prince Moses & Damion CortessSaint Louis, Mo.2/13/16
Brandon Espinosa & Ace HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.5/14/16
Matt Kenway & Jason RobertsSaint Louis, Mo.10/8/16
VACANT11/25/16Kenway & Jones leave the promotion
Ricky Cruz & Keith Smith Jr.Saint Louis, Mo.7/10/21def. Kahyman & Damian Blade in tournament final
Kahyman & Frodo The GhostSaint Louis, Mo.9/11/21Cruz abandons partner before bout; handicap match vs. Smith
Leone Mephisto & PT BeckhamSaint Louis, Mo.1/8/22
Chris Exodus & L-RideSaint Louis, Mo.6/11/22Beckham injured; handicap match vs. Mephisto
JSO & Dr. Dallas StevensSaint Louis, Mo.11/12/22
Ricky Cruz & Moondog RoverSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/23

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, Gary Weiss, David Creahin

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