SICW 12/10/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers (c) pinned Vic the Bruiser after hitting him with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone – 7:27

Steve Fender def. Ken Kasa by disqualification; Kasa hit Fender with his spiked mask – 11:21

Kongo Kong pinned Travis Titan with a Banzai drop – 5:00

Marc Houston pinned Chris Hargas with a lariat – 8:00

Johnny Blade pinned Moondog Rover with a stunner – 6:39

Sean Vincent & Gary Jackson def. Curtis Wylde & Dave Vaughn; Vincent pinned Wylde with a schoolboy – 12:33

Bobby D def. The Big Texan by disqualification; Texan hit Bobby with a chair – 7:18

Jimmy D & Clint Poe def. Cousin Gator & Curt Gannon; Jimmy pinned Gator from a Rocket Launcher – 9:28

(reverse order)

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