NWL 12/10/17

O’Fallon Elks Lodge @ O’Fallon, Mo.

NWL St. Louis and NWL Kansas City Championships: Gary Jay (c-SL) def. Jeremy Wyatt (c-KC) by disqualification; Maverick and Thomas Shire attacked Jay – 18:06

Savanna Stone def. Marti Belle and Carolina Rodriguez in a three-way match; Rodriguez is pinned with a schoolboy – 6:54

Jack Foster def. Maverick by disqualification; Thomas Shire attacked Foster – 12:01

Thor Theriot pinned Thomas Shire with a fireman’s carry gutbuster – 9:51

Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett def. Jet Royal & Anthony Gutierrez; Fitchett pinned Gutierrez after he and Vega hit a stacked Tombstone/elevated powerbomb on both opponents – 13:36

Dak Draper pinned Leo Howlett with a gutwrench powerbomb – 9:13

Everett Connors & Rasheed Ali def. Buddy Shepherd & Javy Torres; Connors pinned Shepherd after an unseen low kick – 9:26

Christian Rose pinned Mike Outlaw with a schoolboy after spitting water in his face – 9:31

(reverse order)

NOTE: Post-main event, Gary Jay announced that the St. Louis Title would be renamed the “Spirit of NWL Championship” and would be defended under No Holds Barred rules from this point forward.  In addition, this was the first time in Greater St. Louis that the Kansas City title was referred to by its new name, the “NWL Championship.”

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