MMWA 4/13/19

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Attila Khan pinned Rich Davis with an inverted DDT – 2:50

The Big Texan pinned Mark Morgan with a double underhook powerbomb – 7:11

Moondog Rover def. Frankie D by disqualification; Frankie hit Rover with Rover’s own bone – 8:19

C.J. Shine pinned A.J. Williams with a fireman’s carry cutter – 5:46

Brandon Espinosa vs. Da’Marius Jones was a time limit draw – 20:00

Curtis Wylde pinned Damion Cortess with a reverse STO – 7:13

Keith Smith Jr. pinned J’Mal Swagg with an elevated gutbuster – 6:57

Deacon Cash pinned Garrett Shanks with a lariat – 5:53

(reverse order)

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