MMWA 12/7/13

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Gary Jackson def. Lynn Mephisto in a chain match by tagging all top turnbuckles in succession

MMWA Heavyweight Championship: Brian James def. Brandon Espinosa (c) to win the title; James redeemed his King of Cable title shot

MMWA Heavyweight Championship: Brandon Espinosa (c) def. Dave Osborne by disqualification

Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe def. Jackson Whitechapel & Flaming Freddie Fury; Abe pinned Fury

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Andrew Wilder (c) def. Ace Hawkins and Da’Marius Jones in a three-way; Jones is pinned

TV Championship: Jimmy D pinned A.J. Williams (c) to win the title

J-mal Swagg def. Moondog Rover by disqualification

Brian James pinned Brandon Gallagher

Battle Royal Championship: Webmaster Stevie K def. Lynn Mephisto (c), Moondog Rover, Ace Hawkins, Da’Marius Jones, Dave Osborne, Jackson Whitechapel, and J-mal Swagg to win the title; Whitechapel is last eliminated

(reverse order)

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