SICW 5/25/19

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Gary Jackson def. Trevor Blanchard, Sean Vincent, Frankie D, Curtis Wylde, Tony Chini, Onslaught, Kyle Blanchard, Gil Rogers, Keith Smith Jr., Waco, Shawn Santel, Mauler McDarby, The Big Texan, Keith Smith, Attila Khan, and Kowalski in a battle royal to win the Bruiser Brody/Larry Matysik Memorial Battle Royal Cup; Wylde is last eliminated – 8:52

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ricky Cruz pinned Steve Fender (c) with a superkick to win the title (Referee: Ron Powers)  – 10:41

Ken Kasa pinned Flash Flanagan after knocking him out with a roll of coins – 11:47

Multi-State Tag Team Championship: The Big Texan & Waco (c) def. Keith Smith & Keith Smith Jr.; Texan pinned Smith from a Waco headbutt drop – 7:37

Gil Rogers def. Curtis Wylde by disqualification; Kowalski interfered – 10:32

Christopher Hargas def. Billy McNeil in a best-of-three falls match; McNeil PIN with a springboard cutter, Hargas PIN with a piledriver, Hargas SUB with a crossface – 19:47

Attila Khan def. Chris Cade, Richard Shaw, and Moondog Rover in a gauntlet match; SUB Cade with a camel clutch, PIN Shaw with an inverted DDT, SUB Rover with a nerve hold – 8:54

Clayton Brooks pinned Sean Vincent after hitting him with brass knuckles – 4:54

(reverse order)

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