Anarchy 1/27/23

Spaulding Club @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Derek Neal (c) pinned Warhorse with a fisherman buster – 13:20

Destination Championship (formerly the Journey Pro Championship): Christian Rose pinned Kenny Alfonso with a Styles clash – 9:52

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Mad Dog Connelly with a piledriver – 11:32

Billie Starkz pinned Evan Gelistico with a swanton bomb – 10:51

Manders pinned Gary Jay with a double underhook piledriver – 10:02

Moonshine Mantell, K.C. Karrington, Nick King, & Sage Philips def. Camaro Jackson, Billy McNeil, Austin Blackburn, & Nikki Victory; Mantell pinned McNeil after he and Karrington hit an Alabama Slam/flying boot combo – 8:06

Aaron Williams pinned Adrian Surge with a buzzsaw kick – 10:02

Craig Mitchell pinned Anakin Murphy with a package piledriver – 10:34

Davey Vega pinned Thomas Shire with a brainbuster onto the knee – 12:18

Jaques Kennedy & Scott Tyler def. Tommy Davis & Jay Marston; Jaques pinned Davis with a double knee facebreaker – 5:43

(reverse order)

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