WrestleMax STL 10/1/21

Elks Lodge (Affton) @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Minoru Suzuki pinned Calvin Tankman with a cradle piledriver – 13:33

River City Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) pinned Camaro Jackson with a big boot – 14:14

Laynie Luck pinned Blair Onyx with a crucifix – 11:48

JDX pinned Kevin Blackwood with an Argentine backbreaker flipped into a DDT – 12:32

Kevin Lee Davidson pinned Merc (formerly Graham Bell) with a fireman’s carry suplex powerslam – 8:34

Edvin Kudic def. Moses by sleeper submission – 8:53

Brooke Valentine pinned Tootie Lynn with a spear – 8:25

Darian Bengston pinned Rahim De La Suede with a flying corkscrew kick – 8:45

CCW Tag Team Championship: Eli Rossi & ATM (c) def. Zay Washington & Aaron Roberts; ATM pinned Washington with a small package – 5:54

(reverse order)

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