Dynamo Pro 5/27/22

Fraternal Order of Eagles @ Arnold, Mo.

Ricky Cruz & Abbad def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede; Cruz pinned Moses with a cutter – 8:02

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) vs. Adrian Surge was a countout draw; neither man could re-enter the ring after a somersault plancha by Outlaw – 13:34

Benjamin Trust & Moondog Rover def. Damian Blade & The Snitch; Trust pinned Blade – 11:45

Ashlyn Alexander pinned Madi Exodus with a spear – 5:25

C.J. Shine, Frodo The Ghost, & Ricky Rodriguez def. Jackal, Garrett Shanks, & Chris Kade; Shine pinned Jackal with a fireman’s carry cutter – 10:26

Ace Hawkins pinned Tommy Davis with a forward somersault cutter – 9:49

Chris Exodus & L-Ride def. Eli Rossi & ATM; Exodus pinned ATM – 8:30

Mason St. Goods def. Ryu Kendrick and Kemon in a three-way; Kemon submitted to an arm-over-head crossface – 3:13

(reverse order)

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