Dynamo Pro 2/26/22

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: C.J. Shine def. Camaro Jackson (c) by disqualification; The Snitch attacked both men, but the referee only saw the attack on Shine – 14:15

Ricky Rodriguez pinned Kahyman with a sunset flip – 10:03

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jackal & Tony Esteem (c) def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede; Jackal pinned Moses with a turnbuckle-walk inverted double underhook facebuster – 10:04

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) vs. Adrian Surge was a no contest; Big Vik & Xavier Shadowz attacked both men (the result was announced that Outlaw had won by disqualification; all parties agree this was incorrect) – 9:55

Dynamo Pro Women’s Championship: Rahne Victoria (c) pinned Madi Lee Exodus with a hammerlock DDT – 10:12

Ryan Ash pinned Super Castaldi VII with an inverted double underhook facebuster; Ash had voluntarily put his career on the line – 0:09

ATM pinned Kemon with a superkick to the back of the head – 4:35

Ricky Cruz pinned Tommy Davis with a cutter – 8:36

(reverse order)

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