SICW 7/16/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Kahagas, Attila Khan, & Vic the Bruiser def. Ron Powers, Gary Jackson, & Bob Orton in a best-of-three falls match; Vic pinned Orton, Powers pinned Khan, and Khan pinned Powers after hitting Ron in the throat with a spike – 14:12

Ken Kasa pinned Travis Cook with a front dropkick – 3:12

Ken Kasa def. Chris Hargas 4-3 in an Iron Man match; Kasa PIN, Kasa DQ, Hargas PIN, Hargas CO, Hargas SUB, Kasa CO, and Kasa via rear naked choke submission with 15 seconds left (had Hargas won, Kasa’s SICW contract would belong to Travis Cook; Kasa won a five minute match with Cook instead) – 30:00

Sean Vincent def. Waco by disqualification; Waco threw Vincent over the top rope – 6:20

Jim Hoffarth pinned Curtis Wylde; Wylde had Hoffarth up for a body slam but Wyldefyre pushed Hoffarth, collapsing Wylde – 7:59

Brandon Espinosa pinned Ben Rogers with a brainbuster

Dave Vaughn pinned Johnny Blade with a double underhook DDT – 6:48

Daniel Gunner vs. Bobby D was a no contest; originally a TKO win for Gunner due to Bobby’s foot injury, but Gunner declined the victory

Moondog Rover pinned Flaming Freddie Fury with a falling powerslam – 3:48

(reverse order)

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