SICW 5/7/22

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Flash Flanagan def. Attila Khan (c) & Travis Cook in a No Disqualification elimination handicap Career vs. Title & Travis Cook’s Career match to win the title; Flanagan PIN Khan,  Flanagan pinned Cook after hitting him with a chair – 15:52

Bobby D def. (elimination order) Jimmy Razor, David Lee Walker, Rick Ruby, The Intern, Curtis Wylde, Danny Dollar, Ax Allwardt, Payton Ayers, Gary Jackson, Billy McNeil, The Big Texan, Mauler McDarby, Frankie D, Brandon Barretta, Jayson Breed, and Kowalski in a Bruiser Brody Memorial battle royal – 16:17

Christopher Hargas def. Billy McNeil in a best-of-three-falls match; Falls:  Hargas PIN McNeil, and Hargas pinned McNeil by hitting him with a foreign object as he jumped off the second rope – 10:21

Curtis Wylde, Danny Dollar, & Jayson Breed def. Mauler McDarby, Rick Ruby, & Frankie D; Dollar pinned Ruby with a cutter – 10:09

SICW Central States Championship: Kowalski pinned Gary Jackson (c) after hitting him with Lucky P. Larsen’s briefcase to win the title – 7:46

The Big Texan pinned Payton Ayers with a lariat – 5:27

The Intern def. Brandon Barretta by disqualification; Barretta hit Intern with Intern’s own Canadian flagpole – 2:18

Ax Allwardt pinned Jimmy Razor with a double leg cradle with feet on the ropes – 7:19

(reverse order)

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